October 2012 was an eventful month for Mr Prem Kumar Sherpa, the pool lifeguard at The Links. Due to his quick thinking and mindful vigilance, Mr Sherpa saved a child from drowning at the swimming pool. His efforts were greatly lauded by the community and as a token of this, the Interim Board of The Links awarded him with Certificate of Appreciation and a bonus. Mr Sherpa was overwhelmed and at a loss for words when the certificate and cash was handed to him at a small ceremony attended by many of the residents. When asked what he intended to do with his bonus he stated “I will buy a gift for my dear wife”. The Links Interim Board had this to say: “If it had not been for the immediate and agile action of our new lifeguard Mr Prem Sherpa, the child would have been lost. He made the rescue without creating any fuss or chaos. I want to acknowledge his work on behalf of the community…. We need to salute this good work …….when a great job is done, it should not go unnoticed.”