Senior citizens residing in The Greens & Views opened a fruit and herb garden dedicated to the group on 01 October 2017 – as part of the community celebrations for International Day for Senior Citizens. Hosted by Emaar Community Management, the event was a time of reminiscing old memories and socialising with other golden agers in the community.

Known as The Backyard, the new garden is home to 41 varieties of fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers. Plants include jasmine, basil, spinach, chikoo, almond, guava, grapefruit, lychee, chilies, sweet potato, lemongrass and marigold among others. More plants are being added to The Backyard, making it a perfect place for the senior citizens to practice their basic gardening skills and relax both body and unwind.

Naseem Durrani, founder of the Golden Age Group, who was handed keys to The Backyard said, ‘This is the first time we hosted an event in dedication to senior residents in the UAE. Both familiar and new faces are here, members and non-members alike. The idea behind the event is to welcome and honour the elderly, share memories and make new friends.”

The Backyard is located on Street 3 opposite the central lawn in The Greens & Views and is already a frequented spot for the seniors.