Did you know that one pint of blood can help save up to three lives? Not just that, donating blood has its health benefits too.

• It helps reduce the risk of cancer and hemochromatosis.

• It reduces the risk of damage to the liver and pancreas.

• It improves cardiovascular health and reducing obesity.

• After donating blood, the body works to replenish the blood loss. This stimulates the production of new blood cells which in turn  helps in maintaining good health.

On 26 February 2017, residents from The Greens and Views gathered together for the first community blood donation drive. A mobile blood donation centre was set up next to the central lawn in association with Dubai Health Authority and Government of Dubai. Despite heavy rains, residents, service providers, passers-by and even retail staff in the vicinity visited the centre to donate blood. A campaign like this elevates the community spirit and is an opportunity to pay it forward to those in need.