From dawn to dusk, cleaners, security guards, housekeeping, landscaping and irrigation teams work hard to give our community the care it deserves. So to show our appreciation for their hard work and dedication, a lunch was organised by the members of the Golden Age Group for them. The event was a huge success and was featured in The National and Emirates 24/7 newspapers. 
Children in the community also participated to serve the workers and distributed candies and chocolates to the community workers. "At 75, I am celebrating Valentine's day with these boys who are alone. I will never forget this.", said Naseem Durrani, founder of Golden Age Group. 
Nagesh, a cleaner in the community visibly touched by the gesture said, "This party has changed everything. I felt like my whole family is here. It's a like a festival for me."

Sharing love over lunch Newspaper

Sharing love over lunch Newspaper 2 

A fresh flower heart arrangement was also displayed at the community roundabout where residents were seen taking selfies and group pictures spreading more love in the neighbourhood.